Feb 22, 2021 Tractor operators started their runs at 5:00 pm today. We will be sending our shoveling crews out at 9:00 pm this evening. They will work hard to clear all walkways in a timely manner. #jrsnow2021

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Snow Blowing

At J.R. Lawn & Snow, we equip our tractors with rear-mounted blowers. Snow blowing offers many benefits over traditional snow plowing with a truck. The main benefit is the lower risk of property damage. With snow blowing, not only is there no damage to your grass from scraping of the plow, but you have better visibility while leaving your driveway. Blowing the snow allows the snow to be evenly distributed amongst your lawn keeping large piles away from the road. With clean cut lines leaving the laneway, after a property is serviced with a snow blower, the property appears more aesthetically pleasing!

Teflon Cutting Edge

The best part of our snow blowers is that they’re equipped with two inches of Teflon. This thick plastic creates a barrier between the blower and your asphalt or interlock. Having our machinery equipped correctly reduces the chance of surface scratching or damage.

Walkway Shovelling

For an additional cost, we do service walkways as well. To prevent any damage from occurring to interlock, we only service walkways with plastic shovels. Our snow shovelling starts at a minimum $174.99 plus HST.

Email Notifications

When signing up with J.R. Lawn & Snow, we supply you with email notifications about our service. Due to the fact that each storm is significantly different through timing or quantity, we always like to keep you updated. You’ll be notified of our plan before the storm occurs as well as be provided with updates periodically!

Ottawa’s TOP CHOICE for Snow Removal

The J.R. staff goes above and beyond because we’re dedicated to doing the job right the first time. Our foremen quality check driveways and properties to ensure the good people of Ottawa get the best property maintenance possible. Our staff is well-trained, and we only use the best equipment possible and its maintained by our dedicated maintenance team. Above all, we are dedicated to open communication with our clients; we provide constant weather updates, and answer emails and phone calls promptly.

You deserve the best. You deserve J.R. Lawn & Snow.

4 Reasons to Choose J.R.'s Snow Removal Service

  • 1

    Quality Guarantee

    We believe in doing something right or not at all. Our managers constantly inspect our team’s work to ensure we’re providing Ottawa’s best snow removal service.

  • 2

    Excellent Equipment

    We only use the most reliable snow blowers, trucks, and snow removal equipment available because our customers deserve the best.

  • 3

    Constant Communication

    We constantly monitor forecasts and keep our customers informed of any potential service delays. We make a point of responding to emails and phone calls as soon as we possibly can.

  • 4

    Ottawa Roots

    J.R. Lawn & Snow has been serving the good people of Ottawa for over 20 years. We’re more than just a snow removal company, we’re a part of the Ottawa community.

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