Troy-Bilt Snow Blowers

Control the Weather in Your Driveway. Whether you get light snowfalls, more than a foot of heavy, wet snow or you get it worse than anyone else, there’s a Troy-Bilt® snowblower to clear the way. (from

Why Buy Troy-Bilt Snow Blowers?

“Across the board, Troy-Bilt is one of the best value brands out there. Troy-Bilt Storm models are well designed, good snow blowers for about 90% of the U.S. They will last years with a little maintenance once in a while”, from

Types of Troy-Bilt Snow Blowers:

Troy-Bilt makes several models of snow blowers that include:

  • Squall 208E Snow Blower
  • Arctic Storm 30 Snow Blower
  • Storm 2820 Snow Blower
  • Storm 2630 Snow Blower
  • Storm 2420 Snow Blower
  • Arctic Storm 34 Snow Blower
  • Storm 2430 Snow Blower
  • Storm 2435 Snow Blower
  • Storm 2610 Snow Blower
  • Storm 2425 Snow Blower
  • Storm 3090 Snow Blower
  • Vortex 2810 Snow Blower
  • Vortex 2620 XP Snow Blower
  • Vortex 2410 XP Snow Blower
  • Vortex 3010 Snow Blower
  • Vortex 2800 XP Snow Blower
  • Vortex 3010 XP Snow Blower
  • Vortex 2895 XP Snow Blower
  • Vortex 2420 Snow Blower

Troy-Bilt Snow Blower Reviews

Snow Blower vs Snow Removal Service

Still having trouble deciding whether to buy a snowblower? Consider the following:

1. Your Time is Valuable

Life is busy… kids, family, and work can often get in the way. Shoveling snow is just another task that you don’t need. One of the main reasons homeowners choose a snow removal service is because they value their time and don’t enjoy clearing snow.

2. Snow Blowers Are Inconvenient

A snow blower takes time to use, clean, and maintain. Imagine having to pull out the snowblower every time it snows or when the snowplow blocks your driveway. It could be early in the morning or in the middle of the day. Do you want to go through the hassle?

3. More Money Than You Think

There is a hefty cost in buying a snowblower, but many homeowners think that once purchased, you will save more money. Consider the time it takes to maintain and use a snowblower. It costs about $100/year for annual snowblower maintenance (oil change, lubrication, and more), plus the time it takes you to bring your snowblower for servicing. Consider how much your time is worth when deciding to use a snow removal service or buying a snowblower.

4. Operating Snow Blowers and Shoveling Snow Increase the Risk of Heart attacks

Snow shoveling and pushing a snowblower are known triggers for heart attacks, according to Harvard Health. Rarely exercising and cold weather both boost blood pressure, interrupt blood flow to part of the heart, and make blood more likely to form clots.

If you would like to chat about the pros and cons of a snow removal service, please do give J.R Lawn and Snow at (613) 229-4803. We are one of Ottawa’s largest snow removal companies and trusted by thousands of clients with clearing their driveways every year.