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New J.R. snow removal customers receive a 5% discount for the 2023 winter season. Contact us today for priority service.


New J.R. snow removal customers receive a 5% discount for the 2021 winter season. Contact us today for priority service.



Quality Guarantee

We believe in doing something right or not at all. All J.R. staff members go through extensive training sessions.


Constant Communication

We are always happy to hear from our customers and do our best to respond to all phone calls and emails as soon as possible. We are constantly checking the forecast and providing weather updates on our website, Twitter account and Facebook page. 


Reliable Service

In order to deliver the best results, we only use the most reliable trucks and tractors. We have over 120 vehicles in our fleet so be assured that we will clear your driveway in a timely manner.

Video Testimonial

Eric Vani, an Ottawa Realtor from Sutton Group, a long-time client of JR Lawn and Snow, loved the service we have provided to him for many years. He created a testimonial video, for us to use. Thank you so much for your time and effort. We appreciate your kind words.

Ottawa’s TOP CHOICE for Snow Removal

Homeowners and businesses all over Ottawa rely on J.R. to keep their driveways, stairs, and parking lots free of snow all winter long. For more than 20 years, J.R. has been Ottawa’s trusted choice for residential and commercial snow removal. 

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What Our Customers Have To Say!

In business since 1997, JR Lawn and Snow has been part of the Ottawa community. We have the largest snow removal fleet and staff in our area. We have backup when it counts and that’s what matters.

JR has been servicing my place since last winter. They offer great service. I love their emails to inform us of when tractors will be heading out to complete their first pass and also letting us know when to move our cars later in the day! The added humor in their email is always appreciated!!! Keep up the great work!!!!

Valerie Laframboise

Fabulous service both in laneway ploughing and sidewalk shoveling. Shoveling is much better this year than last: the two fellows do all of our front deck and front pathway. With that improvement I would not use anybody else for my snow removal.

Bob Fournier

Hey! Just a note to say that the service has been exceptional! My driver accidentally knocked over my recycling (with about 20 cm’s of snow to deal with it was inevitable – the man was threading a needle) and jumped out to clean it up. Very happy and would highly recommend!!

Erin Lawless

Think Twice About Buying A Snow Blower

Operating Snow Blowers and Shoveling Snow Increase the Risk of Heart attacks

Snow shoveling and pushing a snowblower are known triggers for heart attacks, according to Harvard Health. Rarely exercising and cold weather both contribute to boosting blood pressure, interrupting blood flow to part of the heart, and make blood more likely to form clots.

Snow Blowers Are Inconvenient

A snow blower takes time to use, clean, and maintain. Imagine having to pull out the snow blower every time it snows or when the snow plow blocks your driveway. It could be early in the morning or in the middle of the day. Do you really want to go through the hassle?

Your Time is Valuable

Life is busy… kids, family, and work can often get in the way. Shoveling snow is just another task that you don’t need. One of the main reasons that homeowners choose a snow removal service is because they value their time and they don’t enjoy clearing snow.

More Money Than You Think

There is a hefty cost in buying a snowblower but many homeowners think that once purchased you will save more money. Consider the time it takes to maintain and use a snowblower. It costs about $100/year for annual snowblower maintenance (oil change, lubrication, and more), plus the time it takes you to bring your snowblower for servicing. Consider how much your time is worth when deciding to use a snow removal service or buying a snow blower.


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