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Spring Clean Up

For many homeowners, the return of spring is highly anticipated as it represents a transition to more sunshine, warm-weather activities and a reawakening of their lawns, gardens and shrubs. We will remove winter debris, branches, and litter from your lawn and flowerbeds, rake and de-thatch your lawn, blow off your driveways, patios and walkways, and leave your property looking well maintained.


If you notice that your lawn is becoming a little thin, the fertilizing process isn’t altering the progression and water seems to just roll over and off your lawn without soaking into the soil; these are good signs it is time to aerate your lawn. This is a definite sign that the soil in your lawn is too compact and your lawn is beginning to suffer. Our maintenance team knows that regardless of the type of grass you have in your yard the most effective way of creating that lush green lawn you are seeking is through our cost-effective core aeration process.

Cutting lawn

Lawn Cutting

There is a distinctive aura to a well-manicured lawn that shows you take pride in your home. The symmetrical pattern of the cut lines and smooth tops of the grass blades create an impressive aesthetic and also reflect the effort invested in maintain the lawn. Although this might be a desired look for their property, many homeowners can often find themselves pressed for time. Work and family priorities can dominate daily schedules, to the extent where lawns are left unkempt. J.R Lawn and Snow is here to take on your lawn needs and allow you to free up your schedule and give you that lawn everyone wants!

Fall Clean Up

The autumn months can leave your property covered in fallen leaves, dead branches, and other messes that need to be cleaned up. As of the mark of the end of growing season, you want to house fall to get your lawn and landscape ready for the winter. Our seasoned grounds specialists can help get your lawn to pristine condition and fully prepared for the new season. We provide not only one but two rounds of clean up services for each property to ensure we get all debris that falls within the season. This service begins the first week of October and ends in mid-November.

Blowing Leaves

Ottawa’s TOP CHOICE for Lawn Care

The J.R. staff goes above and beyond because we’re dedicated to doing the job right the first time. Our foremen quality check driveways, lawns, and properties to ensure the good people of Ottawa get the best property maintenance possible. Our staff is well-trained, and we only use the best equipment possible and its maintained by our dedicated maintenance team. Above all, we are dedicated to open communication with our clients; we provide constant weather updates, and answer emails and phone calls promptly.

You deserve the best. You deserve J.R. Lawn & Snow.

4 Reasons to Choose J.R.'s Lawn Care Service is a Cut Above

  • 1

    Quality Guarantee

    We believe in doing something right or not at all. Our managers constantly inspect our team’s work to ensure we’re providing Ottawa’s best lawn cutting service.

  • 2

    Excellent Equipment

    We only use the most reliable mowers, tractors, and lawn equipment available because our customers deserve the best.

  • 3

    Clear Communication

    We constantly monitor forecasts and keep our customers informed of any potential service delays. We make a point of responding to emails and phone calls as soon as we possibly can.

  • 4

    Ottawa Roots

    J.R. Lawn & Snow has been serving the good people of Ottawa for over 20 years. We’re more than just a lawn care company, we’re a part of the Ottawa community.

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